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Climate toolkit for SMEs


Knowing that small and medium-sized businesses represent over 90% of all Belgian companies, their combined efforts have great potential to reduce emissions and help provide an answer to the climate urgency. This toolkit aims to provide the most important tools and resources that should enable SMEs to get started with and scale up their climate efforts.

Get committed

Getting committed

Robust climate action shows the biggest impact when sprouted from honest motivation. Committing to act for a better climate should therefore be based on well-informed decisions that benefit the whole of the planet. Let us briefly remind you of what's at stake.

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A first and crucial step after committing to act on climate change, is assessing your baseline situation: How much CO2 equivalents does your organisation currently emit and where in your value chain do they originate? Different measuring strategies can apply, depending on the human, technical and financial resources available in your organisation.

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Once you have a clear idea of the various emission posts in your organization and across its value chain, time is right to set ambitious emission reduction targets, set out a strategy to achieve those targets and then get cracking.

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A thorough, credible climate communication is a crucial part of making your climate efforts count. In doing so, you give accountability towards your network, investors and other stakeholders and you show climate leadership as you educate and inspire about climate change and action, within and beyond your own organization.

Evaluate adjust

Evaluate, adjust and persevere

True impact does not reveal itself overnight. Implementing a robust climate strategy requires continued evaluation of your efforts and the results they produce. Be ambitious but mild. Identify the hurdles that keep you from achieving the desired effectiveness of your climate efforts.

And remember, we are here to help.