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ESRS roundtable

Deep-Dive | Behind the scenes of the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards

On our very first EU Sustainability Policy Day, The Shift and WWF Belgium welcomed Philippe Diaz and Antoine Pugliese, two experts who contributed to the development of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) within EFRAG. Afterwards we asked Jan-Klaas Somers, one of our very own Young Challengers and a sustainability consultant, to interview them with his most compelling questions.

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Decarb Story | Supplier engagement Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Value chains are hot topic, and rightfully so. That is why we regularly reach out to the BACA-community, digging for inspiring stories about how they engage their supply chain in their climate plans. For this 'decarb story' we invited Philip Kavvadias, Senior Manager Supplier Sustainability at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners to elaborate about how they take on the challenge.

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Planning 2

10 reasons why your company needs a climate transition action plan

Among the key tools to ensure a company’s readiness for the future, is a solid climate transition action plan: a roadmap that indicates how your company will adjust its business model so that it aligns with the latest and most ambitious climate science recommendations. This article covers the top 10 reasons underpinning the importance of such a climate plan. A handy list for motivating anyone not yet on board with your plans!

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Supply Chain 1

Decarb Story | Supplier engagement at Proximus

Value chains are hot topic, and rightfully so. When you know that carbon emissions from the supply chain are on average 11 times higher than what is emitted directly 'on-site', you understand our interest. That is why we asked Young Challenger and Circular Economy Manager at Proximus Tom Simmillon to shed his light on their Supplier Engagement Program. How did they get started, what makes it so important and on what the plans for the future?

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Decarb Story | De Lijn

Every month, we single out one original story from one of our members that happens upon our radar. Here's the decarb story of De Lijn brought to us by its Manager of Strategy, Bert Van Hemelen.

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Triodos TBBE coworkers group picture 25 Y TBBE

Decarb Story | Triodos

Every month, we single out one original decarbonisation story from one of our members that happens upon our radar. Here's the decarb story of Triodos Bank, brought to us by its Product Manager Impact, Ronny Jongen.

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Untitled design 16

BACA members looking back at COP27

In November '22, COP27 brought together thousands of international representatives from various organizations, to discuss strategies for meeting the 1.5-degree global warming target. More than a handful of BACA members were among them to help accelerate corporate climate action. One month after closing on the final text, we thought it interesting to reach out and get a glimpse of the experiences our members had.

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Untitled design 11

The ABC of Science Based Targets

What exactly are Science Based Targets or climate goals? How do they work, and most importantly of all, how do you implement them within your organisation?

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2022 10 27 09 23 16 Lineas Alt Edit mp4 VLC Media Player

BACA blog | Lineas

At times when the impact of climate change has never manifested itself more evidently and devastatingly, effective implementation of emission reduction measures deserves to be at the centre stage of the event. That is why in this vlog series, our vlogger Jaffar will share with you a grasp of inspiring ‘implementation stories’ from different BACA members.

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