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32 companies call for scientific climate targets in an open letter


In a remarkable show of unity, 32 members of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action have signed an open letter, urging policy makers to recognize the economic benefits of science-based climate targets. The initiative also calls for policies that support companies to develop their potential as catalysts of the climate transition.

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"We, climate-conscious companies active in Belgium, recognize the collective responsibility companies have in the transition to a climate-neutral economy. We see that the climate debate is often limited to highlighting the risks, negative impacts and costs of climate action. With this open letter, we want to emphasize the economic and social benefits of scientific climate targets. ...'

A word from the signatories

"Leveraging science-based methodologies like the GHG Protocol or Life-Cycle Assessment can reveal untapped potential within your operations and value chain. From my personal experience, a single well-executed LCA can uncover significant value for companies.”Peter-Jan Roose, Director Sustainability Services BrightWolves

At Ciril, we strive to eliminate as many negative effects associated with what we buy, make and sell. Now we’re working hard on SBTis to back it up. The key is collaboration. When we pull together, we become a true force for good.” – Pieter Vanhout, Managing Director Ciril NV

"Setting scientific climate goals helps us in our sustainability journey and building a better working world for us and our stakeholders.  Pursuing these goals will not only create a greener planet but will also generate jobs, improve health, enhance competitiveness, and will stimulate innovation for us and our stakeholders, with the power of science making a positive impact on both businesses and societies worldwide."Doris Vispoel, Senior Manager EY Belgium

Tackling the climate crisis is a joint effort between businesses and governments with a common direction. Currently the only direction we should be heading in is net zero emissions, so as to avert the most severe climate impacts. To reach this science-aligned target, strong and practical policies should be at the forefront, ensuring a transition that benefits both businesses and consumers. - Noor Crabbendam, Senior Associate Benelux The Carbon Trust

“Next to our own commitment to SBT, we’re also helping a large number of companies to having their targets SBTi approved.” – Willem Nelis, Manager Belgium & France Climate Neutral Group

Onze missie bestaat erin om duurzame en energiezuinige toestellen te ontwikkelen en aan te bieden, zodat deze voor elk budget haalbaar worden.” Kurt Steelandt, Communications Lead Electro Depot Belgium

Science-based targets are the minimal ambition any organization should have when it comes to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. By coupling these targets to a concrete action plan, Mantis Consulting helps organizations set targets that are both ambitious and achievable.” – Emile Lemey, Manager, Mantis Consulting

Met wetenschappelijke klimaatdoelstellingen bouwen we een krachtig klimaatbeleid, een gezamenlijk maatschappelijk doel en eerlijke economische voorwaarden om daar te geraken. Daarom heeft Triodos Bank heeft zich geëngageerd voor net zero emissies in 2035: het eigen bedrijf, kredieten aan ondernemingen én investeringen via haar fondsen tellen mee. Doe mee!Thomas Van Craen, CEO Triodos Bank

Bij VML gebruiken we de kracht van creativiteit om een betere toekomst op te bouwen voor onze mensen, de planeet, onze klanten en gemeenschappen. Het juiste en goede doen voor je business, zéker ook op gebied van duurzaamheid, is juist en goed om een duurzame business te hebben en te houden.” – Erwin Jansen, CEO and co-founder VML

Join us

Do you also want to take a stance on the potential of the corporate sector to accelerate the climate transition? Does your company also want to advocate for more ambitious policies that allow living up to this potential?

Don't hesitate to reach out! Our combined voices will sound even stronger.


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