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About the Alliance

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action is a neutral, national initiative that invites organisations to take the lead on climate action by setting science-based targets.

It is our mission to support you on your climate trajectory, by facilitating knowledge exchange, creating networking opportunities and enhance the visibility of undertaken climate actions.



  • Understand why it's important for your organisation to develop its own sustainable roadmap
  • Learn through inspiring testimonials, (industry-specific) webinars and tutorials
  • Get direct access to a library of practical tools and resources to support you on your climate trajectory


  • Learn how to build a business case for sustainability and implement your plans
  • Partner with major industry players and innovative start-ups to reach your climate goals
  • Build on our neutral platform to catalyse climate action in your supply chain
  • Connect with similar international initiatives


  • Secure your place among climate-ambitious organisation on the Alliance’s website
  • Get involved in relevant social media campaign & press coverage
  • Enter in dialogues with BACA's founders (WWF and The Shift)​, as well as with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

Who can join?

We welcome all members of The Shift who want to step up their climate game and truly make a difference, whether you already have experience with climate action (and maybe even set Science Based Targets) or you are just starting out.

It is our goal to make of the Alliance a strong and diverse community of ambitious Belgian organisations, regardless of size or sector. We all share the same goal: tackling climate change.

Are you not yet a member of The Shift? Don't hesitate to reach out for more information.

Why you should join

Be a part of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action and help change our planet’s future.

If you already have science-based targets, the Alliance lets you…​

  • Strengthen your brand by showcasing your initiatives and the reason you set science-based targets​
  • Catalyse climate action among your suppliers, partners and customers via our neutral platform​
  • Share knowledge and learn from other members

If you haven't set any science-based targets yet, the Alliance lets you …

  • Learn why science-based targets are relevant and how they can make your organisation future-proof
  • Discover carbon-monitoring and -reporting tools/methodologies​
  • Interact with peers and mentors who help you develop your own Science Based Targets roadmap

BACA behind the scenes

As co-coordinator on the The Shift-side, Jonas will most likely be the first person you bump into when approaching BACA territory. He'll introduce you into the ropes of the Alliance and will remain your go-to force when you have questions related to membership or the general course the Alliance is heading as a community.


Reine completes the coordination-half on WWF-side. There's little she doesn't know about Science Based Targets and all related technicalities. She's on top of the ins and outs of (inter-)national climate policy and keeps her finger on the pulse of any development on that front. This puts her in an ideal position to account for BACA's outreach work, including interactions with Belgium's civil society and political field. For any questions related to the above, do not hesitate to get in touch.


Impactful climate action asks for an evolving communication strategy. That's where Sofie comes in. She keeps the public at height about relevant climate news, whether it comes from member organisations or other credible sources, in Belgium and beyond. She also lends a hand to BACA members seeking support with their climate communication endeavours.

BACA visual resources

BACA Key Messages

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