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These resources can support you on your journey to develop, communicate, implement and follow up on your own science-based targets.

You can find our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Supply Chain Engagement: How to deploy your potential as a climate frontrunner

Imagine this: carbon emissions from supply chains are on average 11.4 times higher than what organisations emit on-site. Talking about a great opportunity for decarbonization.

This article explores how companies engage their supply chains in an effort to decarbonize the entirity of their operations and - in doing so - increase their impact as catalysts within the climate transition.

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BACA Membership Protocol

Depending on whether you are a large company, a small or medium-sized enterprise, an NGO or academic institution, your SBT-setting trajectory will look slightly different. Read on to know more about which steps apply to your organisation.

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BACA Key Messages

How to pitch the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action to your internal and external stakeholders

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Climate toolkit for SMEs

This section aims to provide the most important tools and resources that should enable SMEs to get started with and scale up their climate efforts.

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The ABC of Science Based Targets

An increasing number of businesses are setting science-based targets to reduce their carbon emissions. Get insight into what SBTs are, why they're relevant to companies with sincere climate ambitions and how you can participate.

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BACA General Introduction

This webinar is a general introduction to the initiative and explains how BACA can support your organization in its climate endeavors.

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An introduction to sustainability & climate terminology, initiatives and abbreviations

A list of the most important sustainability and climate terminology as these initiatives and their abbreviations can be quite overwhelming.

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Network with other members on LinkedIn

Connect with other members of the Alliance and take part in the discussion on our LinkedIn page.