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Communicating about your climate efforts

A thorough, credible climate communication is a crucial part of making your climate efforts count. In doing so, you give accountability towards your network, investors and other stakeholders and you show climate leadership as you educate and inspire about climate change and action, within and beyond your own organization.

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Communicating about your organisation's own climate efforts

It is a fact that your network will appreciate hearing about your climate efforts and their impact on curbing global warming, as long as it comes from sincere intention and is based on verified facts. We therefore recommend to integrate such climate communication into your company’s overall communication strategy, all the while keeping an eye on the pitfalls of greenwashing.

To get started with communicating about your organization’s climate endeavours, have a look at

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Communicating about the need for climate action

Reducing your own organization's emissions is a good start. But your climate impact potential doesn’t stop here. Depending on your company’s vision and the resources available, you might opt to go beyond setting the good example by defining SBTs, and encourage your network and stakeholders that climate action is a shared responsibility.

If you are interested to know more about how to push impactful climate action forward as an organization, make sure to register for our Outreach Kickoff Event on May 10th 2022:

Climate leadership: Accelerating the transition towards a carbon neutral society.