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Getting committed to act on climate change

Knowing that small and medium-sized businesses represent over 90% of all Belgian companies, their combined efforts have great potential to reduce emissions and help provide an answer to the climate urgency. Moreover, by cutting their emissions and creating innovative climate solutions, SMEs can offer tangible business value and gain competitive advantage.

Get committed

Get informed

Consult credible resources and learn as much as possible about the importance of climate action for your company. These constitute but a grasp of what is out there:

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Surround yourself well...

... with recognized support organisations as well as likeminded SMEs

and last but not least: the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action! You can expect us to...

  • share relevant knowledge in the shape of webinars, live events and plenty of online resources
  • provide networking opportunities and introduce you to other members of our network
  • assure visibility of you climate efforts via our online channels and events
Klimaat Atelier

Get your team on board

  • Organise inspirational information sessions with your team to get everyone on the same climate page. Check how GoodPlanet supports organisations in doing so, by hosting KlimaatAteliers.
  • Assess within your organization the capacities to design, implement and follow up on climate action and divide responsibilities accordingly.
  • Attend inspiring events: Make sure to keep an eye on our BACA event calendar