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New climate change guidance for the agricultural, land use and forestry sector

Our food system accounts for more than a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. What we eat has a huge impact on our ecological footprint. This means that there are many climate gains to be made. How can we capitalize on these? And what role can companies inside and outside the sector play?

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BACA is looking for a project intern to support the core team

We are actively looking for a Project Assistant Intern with an affinity for climate and sustainability to support the BACA core team.

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Businesses commit to a carbon neutral world, but a massive scale-up is necessary, says WWF

This week, the World Meteorological Organization warned that we risk already reaching the average global temperature of 1.5° Celsius by 2027, which science believes is a major turning point at which climate effects will become increasingly damaging. The business community urgently needs to scale up its efforts to achieve a climate neutral world, says WWF, following the third progress report of the Science Based Target initiative.

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Climate Communication and Preventing Greenwashing

Companies are taking the lead in sustainable and climate transitions, and we applaud them for it. But often they lack clarity about how to credibly communicate about the impact they bring about. THhis article recaps some useful insights into the main challenges they encounter as well as with useful levers for them to apply.

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Climate action by SMEs

Knowing that small and medium-sized businesses represent over 90% of all Belgian companies, their combined efforts have great potential to reduce emissions. This article covers the challenges Belgian SMEs experience during their climate trajectories and about the ideas suggested to overcome them.

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Why should climate action matter to your organization?

How to give the climate urgency substance within your organization? How to get everyone on board, including employees, customers, and other stakeholders across your company’s value chain? Read along.

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The 2022 BACA calendar

We are eager to present to you the new and - if we say it ourselves - exciting BACA calendar for 2022.

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Chapter Zero Brussels presents its Director Climate Journey

Chapter Zero Brussels presents its flagship climate training & networking program for directors and
full boards.

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1 YEAR BACA - The Aftermovie

On October 28, 2021, we celebrated BACA's first anniversary in style. Get a glimpse of the event, meet a few of our members and sense the general atmosphere of enthusiasm that characterized the occasion.

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