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The corporate world at COP26: Towards extended collaboration

COP26, a summit that disappointed and yet brought hope at the same time. Some of our members were in Glasgow and are happy to share their insights. Above all, we note a growing commitment from the business world, with more willingness to cooperate, also between the public and private sectors.

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Testimonials: BACA Members at COP26

To best capture the current climate momentum, we surveyed three participating BACA members about how they experienced COP26. Read their testimonials here.

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Engaging workers in Climate Actions

Goodplanet Belgium and the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action join forces to increase workers' engagement in the climate strategies and actions of organisations.

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Testimonial: Cofinimmo

Hanna De Groote talks about Cofinimmo's BACA membership and its SBT trajectory

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Value Impact of Climate Action

What’s the link between climate action and organisational value? There are so many! Think of cost reduction through more efficient operations, entering new markets with innovative products and services, as well as increased trust & transparency enhancing your brand image.

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Testimonial: Spadel

Patrick Jobé talks about Spadel's BACA membership and its SBT trajectory

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5 years after the Paris Agreement, where are we on corporate climate ambition & impact?

As we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement, let’s reflect on the ambitions, action and impact over the past years.

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Testimonial: VELUX

Sabine Pauquay talks about VELUX' BACA membership and its SBT trajectory

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