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Testimonial: Spadel

Patrick Jobé

Joining BACA

For Spadel, it was a natural choice to join BACA because it is completely in line with our commitments in terms of sustainable development. Indeed, from 2010 Spadel has been committed to a process of carbon neutrality and drastic reduction of the carbon footprint of its products throughout their entire life cycle. In 2015, our factories became carbon neutral, in 2019 our commitments and reduction plan were validated by SBTi and in 2020, thanks to this work, Spadel was able to put the first carbon neutral products for its entire range on the beverage market. It is therefore a process in progress and not an end in itself.

Starting our SBT journey

We launched the SBTi process in 2017, with approval of our commitments in April 2019. Our main challenges were :

1. Understanding the process and calculate/model the CO2 reduction path for our business
2. Define with our teams the best plan (cost/benefit balance) to meet these commitments.

Next steps

Spadel's next steps regarding this project will be to follow the roadmap and the CO2 2030 reduction plan that we have defined for the entire life cycle of our products. The main points will concern our sustainable packaging strategy called Source of Change with the reduction of our plastic footprint, the use of 100% recyclable plastics, the collection of 100% of our bottles, ... as well as continuing our energy savings and increasing the percentage of green energy and pushing our distributors and suppliers to do the same.


Our top 3 tips for organisations that are embarking on the SBT process are:

1. To have a robust calculation method and directly use the new European methodology called PEF (Product Environmental Footprint). This allows you to have reliable and comparable figures.
2. Build your reduction plan on the basis of the hotspots and do not hesitate to share it with your stakeholders because the bulk of the work (scope 3) is generally outside your sole responsibility.
3. Ensure the training and integration of your staff in this new process, in particular with regular reporting. At Spadel, we follow the evolution of our environmental and CO2 performance at the same level as the financial situation. This is one of the key indicators of our company.