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Engaging workers in Climate Actions


Goodplanet Belgium and the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action join forces to increase workers' engagement in the climate strategies and actions of organisations.


Engaging workers in Climate Actions is a joint project of GoodPlanet Belgium and our Alliance to help you engage your workers more in your organisation's climate strategy and actions. We do this by developing workshops in co-creation with workers around the SBTs, the related climate actions and climate change in general. We approach these themes in a positive and solution-oriented way.

For us, the notion of worker is broader than just contractual workers, we especially look at (typically) low-skilled workers who are distanced from the climate issue. This can also include cashiers, for example.

Why is it important to involve workers?

  • Informed and motivated workers make it easier to implement change on the work floor.
  • Their knowledge and input about day-to-day processes and challenges can be valuable in designing climate actions.
  • When workers are encouraged to take positive action on the work floor, they also incorporate this into their private lives. In this way, as an organisation, you also have an impact outside your organisation's walls.


The flow of the project is as follows:

In April, we will use a survey to map out the current involvement of workers, and we will try to gain insight into the ideal content, approach and format for one or more workshops on the work floor. You can find the survey below (available until 30 April).

In May and June, the co-creative process starts and we organise focus groups with workers in different companies to map their needs and to work on the content of the workshops.

After the summer, the pilot workshops take place on the work floor of several companies.

Does your company want to involve its workers more? Do you want to help build an efficient and tailored way to do so? Do not hesitate and sign up for this project by contacting!

Fill in this survey to help us optimise our workshops.