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About the Alliance

The Shift and WWF decided to join forces and form a national initiative that invites the private sector and academic institutions to take the lead on climate action.

The Alliance is counting on members that have already set science-based targets to reach out to their business partners and encourage them to make sustainability a priority.

We will host panel debates, workshops and webinars to show members how to build a business case for the adoption of science-based targets, define specific targets and develop a roadmap for their implementation.

Along the way, we will share knowledge about the steps you can take to reduce your environmental footprint, such as adopting a new business model, transforming your culture and ecosystem, and implementing new technologies across your operations.



  • Understand the rationale for your organisation to develop its own sustainable roadmap
  • Testimonials, webinars, tutorials, supporting material on the website
  • Industry-specific workshops, ideation sessions on sustainability, introductions to new tools and technologies, peer testimonials


  • Learn how to build a business case for sustainability and implement your plans
  • Partner with major industry players and innovative start-ups to reach your climate goals
  • Build on our neutral platform to catalyse climate action in your supply chain
  • Connect with similar international initiatives


  • The list of members will be highlighted on the Alliance’s website​
  • Social media campaign & press coverage ​
  • Support from WWF and The Shift​, in dialogue with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

Who can join?

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action welcomes organisations from the private sector (regardless of size or industry) as well as academic or research institutions.


Why you should join

Be a part of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action and change our planet’s future.

If you already have science-based targets, the Alliance lets you…​

  • Strengthen your brand by showcasing your initiatives and the reason you set science-based targets​
  • Catalyse climate action among your suppliers, partners and customers via our neutral platform​
  • Share knowledge and learn from other members

If you haven't set any science-based targets yet, the Alliance lets you …

  • Learn why science-based targets are relevant and how they can make your organisation future-proof
  • Discover carbon-monitoring and -reporting tools/methodologies​
  • Interact with peers and mentors who help you develop your own Science Based Targets roadmap

How to join

You become a member of the Alliance by signing our pledge.

This is where your journey begins. From here on, you have up to 12 months to get acquainted with the Science Based Targets methodology and officially commit to the SBTi. Along the way, the Alliance will be by your side to support you.

Once you’ve committed to the SBTi, you have 24 months to develop your own science-based target and submit it for validation.

Who’s behind the initiative?

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action is an initiative by The Shift and WWF Belgium. We create Belgian partnerships for sustainability and work to conserve our planet, habitats and endangered species.

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