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The global Covid-19 pandemic is significantly impacting all of us, including our economy and the way we live. But it has also shown us that when times are hard, we show resilience. United, we can face the greatest challenges.

While the pandemic will pass, however, the impacts of climate change will only get worse. It has become clear that the next decade will be crucial: we need to take action now.

That is why we are calling on organisations, both for-profits and non-profits, to take responsibility. Let’s make this a priority.
Sign the pledge and become a member of the Alliance today.

Why should this be a priority?

Climate change caused by human activities is one of the biggest challenges facing humankind right now. Its consequences are already affecting societies on a daily basis.

And the global pandemic hasn’t made things easier. As we race to find a vaccine for Covid-19 and get our economy back on track, we risk forgetting about our planet. But we cannot afford to do so. The science is clear on what lies ahead and warns us that the next ten years are crucial: we need to take action now.

The good news is that we have the technology and resources to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Together, we can halve emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. Governments won’t be able to do this alone: businesses, non-profits and academia all have a crucial role to play.

That is why The Shift and WWF are calling upon organisations across Belgium to join the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA), to strengthen their sustainability efforts through science-based targets and encourage their supply chains to do the same.

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The Alliance

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action is a community of Belgian organisations that take their climate ambitions seriously and choose the path of science-based targets.

As a member of the Alliance, you gain access to the knowledge, support and networks of countless peers. We help you solve your challenges, offer inspiration and guide you along the way to setting science-based targets. And we make sure the world is aware of your commitment.

Why others joined our Alliance

We welcome all organisations, regardless of size or sector and regardless of whether you’ve already set science-based targets or want to learn more. From big players in the private sector to small-scale non-profits and universities. Whether you’re in the transport, food or construction industry. We all share the same goal: tackling climate change.