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Companies and organisations play a key role in lowering global greenhouse gas emissions and therefore harbour significant potential to lead the way on climate action.

With the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action, we'll help you crystallize that potential into impactful climate action.


By setting science-based targets, our members commit to aligning their climate goals with the most ambitious one of the Paris Agreement: limiting global warming to max 1,5°C.

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The Alliance

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action is a community of Belgian organisations that take their climate ambitions seriously and choose the path of science-based targets.

As a member of the Alliance, you gain access to the knowledge, support and networks of countless peers. We help you solve your challenges, offer inspiration and guide you along the way to setting science-based targets. And we make sure the world is aware of your commitment.

Who can join?

We welcome all organisations, regardless of size or sector and regardless of whether you’ve already set science-based targets or want to learn more. From big players in the private sector to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you’re in the transport, food or construction industry. We all share the same goal: tackling climate change.