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Testimonial: Lidl

Philippe Weiler, Head of Sustainability / CSR Manager at Lidl

In 2016, Lidl Belgium resolutely opted for an ambitious sustainability approach. Since then, Lidl has defined objectives for each of its material themes that are in line with its 'fair share'. This means that Lidl's commitment to the climate is scientifically based and has been in line with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) since 2017.

At the launch of the climate initiative, The Shift was immediately able to count on Lidl's support to make SBTi a national platform. And with success, as it turns out. To achieve a successful climate impact as an organisation, it is important to motivate and inspire various parties.

At Lidl, we try to convince all employees involved of the benefits of our climate efforts: from small behavioural changes to large investments in CO2 reducing measures. In addition, Lidl is strongly committed to inspiring its suppliers. After all, 80% of our CO2 footprint can be found at some 60 suppliers, of which approximately half are Belgian players. With the Supplier Engagement Program, our climate consultants guide these suppliers individually in their journey towards lower emissions. Finally, Lidl Belgium also inspires the parent company Lidl International and other Lidl countries to implement the SBTi. Since August 2020, the entire Schwarz Group has been committed to SBTi.

Lidl's next steps are to use BACA to inspire other Belgian players and to learn from their best practices. After all, Lidl also has a lot of (climate) challenges ahead of it. Challenges that are so big that Lidl can never solve them on its own. That's why partnerships are becoming the next key to real impact.